Our project is our way to personally thank the soldiers of the Great War living among us, and tell the story of their heroism.

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The Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War was achieved through endless heroism of our countrymen, which brought glory to our people. No matter how people’s opinions, or even facts about our county’s history change over the years, May 9 — the Victory Day — remains unchanged.

Eternal glory to the victors!

In 2005, we put together lists of names of over 1,000,000 surviving veterans living:

in Russia [1 008 815]

Central District [333552], Volga District [195141], Northwestern District [160267], South District [144865], Siberia District [92791], Urals District [54088], Far-Eastern District [28106], Krym [5]

Overseas [47 075]

Belarus [45748], Latvia [38], Ukraine [19], Кazakhstan [11], Turkmenistan [1], Estonia [1], Moldavia [1], Georgia [1], Kyrgyzstan [1], Trans-Dniester Region [462], Israel [786], USA [4], Czech Republic [1], Germany [1]

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