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Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

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Alphabetic List:


Anderson Leonid Petrovich, b. 23.02.1924

Andreyev Aleksandr Alekseyevich, b. 14.08.1926

Andreyev Aleksandr Andreyevich, b. 22.09.1922

Andreyev Aleksandr Nikonovich, b. 09.09.1926

Andreyev Alekse Andreyevich, b. 22.04.1925

Andreyev Alekse Fedorovich, b. 25.08.1929

Andreyev Alekse Petrovich, b. 20.10.1922

Andreyev Alekse Semenovich, b. 10.12.1925

Andreyev Alekse Yegorovich, b. 21.03.1922

Andreyev Andre Gerasimovich, b. 01.07.1918

Andreyev Arkady Dmitrievich, b. 16.03.1926

Andreyev Arkady Ivanovich, b. 28.06.1920

Andreyev Gennady Ivanovich, b. 07.03.1927

Andreyev Grigory Ivanovich, b. 04.03.1918

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 24.05.1928

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 02.06.1919

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 22.12.1913

Andreyev Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 01.07.1927

Andreyev Ivan Petrovich, b. 03.09.1928

Andreyev Mikhail Fedorovich, b. 02.02.1925

Andreyev Modest Andreyevich, b. 13.10.1923

Andreyev Nikola Aleksandrovich, b. 28.09.1927

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 13.10.1926

Andreyev Nikola Mikhalovich, b. 12.03.1927

Andreyev Nikola Nikolayevich, b. 24.06.1924

Andreyev Petr Alekseyevich, b. 05.02.1922

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 25.06.1927

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 05.12.1929

Andreyev Petr Ivanovich, b. 21.06.1921

Andreyev Serge Fedorovich, b. 14.08.1928

Andreyev Valentin Grigoryevich, b. 22.04.1925

Andreyev Valentin Vasilyevich, b. 16.08.1926

Andreyev Vasily Aleksandrovich, b. 05.04.1924

Andreyev Vasily Andreyevich, b. 31.01.1925

Andreyev Vasily Ivanovich, b. 25.07.1928

Andreyev Vasily Ivanovich, b. 25.07.1928

Andreyev Vasily Makarovich, b. 30.12.1922

Andreyev Vasily Pantelemonovich, b. 01.01.1918

Andreyev Viktor Stepanovich, b. 15.01.1927

Andreyev Viktor Yakovlevich, b. 24.05.1926

Andreyev Vitaly Ivanovich, b. 02.03.1926

Andreyev Yakov Pavlovich, b. 17.03.1920

Andreyev Yevgeny Ivanovich, b. 23.08.1930

Andreyev Yevgeny Petrovich, b. 23.04.1923

Andreyeva Aleksandra Aleksandrovna, b. 01.05.1924

Andreyeva Anna Aleksandrovna, b. 06.12.1924

Andreyeva Anna Petrovna, b. 28.02.1921

Andreyeva Anna Petrovna, b. 24.02.1920

Andreyeva Antonina Andreyevna, b. 21.06.1923

Andreyeva Antonina Grigoryevna, b. 13.12.1924

Andreyeva Antonina Terentyevna, b. 18.03.1917

Andreyeva Klavdia Aleksandrovna, b. 23.02.1919

Andreyeva Maria Alekseyevna, b. 24.11.1925

Andreyeva Maria Dmitrievna, b. 31.07.1922

Andreyeva Maria Mikhalovna, b. 23.02.1916

Andreyeva Maria Petrovna, b. 18.01.1921

Andreyeva Maria Trifonovna, b. 01.03.1923

Andreyeva Nadezhda Aleksandrovna, b. 18.12.1924

Andreyeva Nadezhda Mikhalovna, b. 26.11.1920

Andreyeva Nadezhda Yermolayevna, b. 01.08.1920

Andreyeva Nina Viktorovna, b. 08.06.1928

Andreyeva Olga Andreyevna, b. 08.05.1920

Andreyeva Olga Ivanovna, b. 22.01.1929

Andreyeva Taisia Ivanovna, b. 19.03.1926

Andreyeva Tatyana Fedorovna, b. 04.01.1925

Andreyeva Valentina Dmitrievna, b. 12.12.1925

Andreyeva Valentina Dmitrievna, b. 05.04.1922

Andreyeva Yekaterina Yakovlevna, b. 08.09.1926

Andreyeva Yevgenia Mitrofanovna, b. 20.05.1928

Andreyeva Yevgenia Petrovna, b. 29.12.1923

Andreyeva Yevgenia Stepanovna, b. 22.11.1922

Andrianov Alekse Yegorovich, b. 30.01.1925

Andrianov Serge Vasilyevich, b. 06.10.1918

Andrienkova Faina Nazarovna, b. 07.07.1924

Andriyanov Alekse Fedorovich, b. 26.03.1922

Andriyanov Fedot Andrianovich, b. 25.01.1922

Andriyanova Antonina Andreyevna, b. 20.07.1919

Andronov Alekse Kondratyevich, b. 01.06.1921

Andryushchenko Nina Nikolayevna, b. 01.01.1925

Anferova Antonina Afanasyevna, b. 29.10.1923

Angeryas Irina Andreyevna, b. 14.06.1926

Anikeyev Serge Pavlovich, b. 07.06.1927

Anikieva Vera Spiridonovna, b. 01.07.1921

Anikina Anisya Grigoryevna, b. 28.08.1922

Anishchenko Petr Prokhorovich, b. 15.05.1925

Anisimov Aleksandr Romanovich, b. 25.08.1919

Anisimov Fedor Anisimovich, b. 27.06.1926

Anisimov Kondraty Semenovich, b. 25.09.1927

Anisimov Petr Pavlovich, b. 12.06.1918

Anisimov Vasily Timofeyevich, b. 30.04.1917

Anisimov Viktor Fadeyevich, b. 01.07.1924

Anisimova Klavdia Fedorovna, b. 23.01.1927

Anisimova Nina Fedorovna, b. 23.08.1926

Ankudinov Ivan Savateyevich, b. 07.07.1918

Anokhin Gennady Grigoryevich, b. 10.09.1925

Antipenok Daniil Kondratyevich, b. 01.07.1914

Antipin Vladimir Nikolayevich, b. 19.07.1925

Antipov Anatoly Nikolayevich, b. 08.01.1926

Antipov Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 14.01.1927

Antipov Mikhail Antipovich, b. 02.01.1922

Antipov Mikhail Stepanovich, b. 04.05.1926

Antipov Nikola Sergeyevich, b. 04.04.1925

Antipov Viktor Aleksandrovich, b. 01.07.1927

Antipova Maria Nikolayevna, b. 16.10.1924

Antipova Tatyana Ivanovna, b. 17.06.1921

Antipova Vera Fedorovna, b. 18.05.1924

Antonenko Ninel Yakovlevna, b. 01.03.1927

Antonenkov Petr Andreyevich, b. 05.06.1928

Antonov Aleksandr Grigoryevich, b. 03.04.1926

Antonov Anatoly Ivanovich, b. 16.03.1926

Antonov Dmitry Grigoryevich, b. 07.11.1925

Antonov Dmitry Ivanovich, b. 05.09.1926

Antonov Ivan Ivanovich, b. 14.01.1922

Antonov Ivan Konstantinovich, b. 20.05.1918

Antonov Ivan Semenovich, b. 10.09.1924

Antonov Ivan Stepanovich, b. 10.02.1925

Antonov Nikola Alekseyevich, b. 13.02.1922

Antonov Pavel Grigoryevich, b. 01.01.1925

Antonov Petr Grigoryevich, b. 20.05.1927

Antonov Vasily Ivanovich, b. 28.01.1924

Antonova Maria Ivanovna, b. 02.07.1919

Antonova Maria Mikhalovna, b. 12.05.1926

Antonova Nadezhda Ivanovna, b. 15.07.1916

Antonova Sofia Vasilyevna, b. 23.07.1921

Antonova Tatyana Sysoyevna, b. 10.06.1924

Antonova Vera Ivanovna, b. 07.11.1928

Antonova Vera Ivanovna, b. 19.11.1921

Antonova Zinaida Fedorovna, b. 10.09.1928

Antufyev Vitaly Yevgenyevich, b. 11.04.1916

Antufyeva Lidia Pavlovna, b. 28.12.1925

Anufrienko Aleksandra Grigoryevna, b. 23.08.1926

Anufriev Grigory Sergeyevich, b. 22.01.1920

Anufrieva Nina Georgievna, b. 08.07.1921

Anushenkova Maria Ivanovna, b. 25.01.1934

Arabok Nikola Ivanovich, b. 14.07.1926

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