Veterans Lists

Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

Russian Federation Overseas

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Alphabetic List:


Amirov Boris Kayumovich, b. 19.07.1926

Amosov Ilya Sergeyevich, b. 30.09.1926

Ampleyev Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 03.09.1926

Ananyev Fedor Semenovich, b. 01.03.1923

Ananyev Ivan Ivanovich, b. 09.10.1924

Ananyev Mikhail Lukich, b. 20.11.1924

Ananyev Mikhail Timofeyevich, b. 15.07.1921

Ananyev Vasily Vasilyevich, b. 15.12.1919

Ananyina Anna Vasilyevna, b. 19.01.1917

Ananyina Yekaterina Ivanovna, b. 29.12.1923

Anashkin Ivan Andreyevich, b. 22.07.1922

Anashkin Ivan Nikitovich, b. 19.01.1926

Anashkin Nikita Denisovich, b. 06.12.1926

Anashkin Nikita Denisovich, b. 13.10.1914

Anashkin Petr Ivanovich, b. 13.06.1925

Anashkov Ivan Mikhalovich, b. 28.05.1927

Anastasin Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 02.03.1919

Anastasin Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 07.07.1921

Andreyanov Nikola Nikolayevich, b. 04.04.1925

Andreyanov Petr Ivanovich, b. 15.10.1923

Andreyev Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 07.09.1925

Andreyev Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 20.08.1924

Andreyev Aleksandr Pavlovich, b. 07.04.1925

Andreyev Alekse Ivanovich, b. 24.03.1925

Andreyev Grigory Yakovlevich, b. 10.10.1919

Andreyev Mikhail Ivanovich, b. 22.09.1919

Andreyev Nikola Aleksandrovich, b. 09.10.1923

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 23.10.1924

Andreyev Nikola Borisovich, b. 25.06.1926

Andreyev Nikola Fedorovich, b. 24.12.1922

Andreyev Nikola Fedorovich, b. 15.10.1923

Andreyev Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 28.02.1924

Andreyev Oleg Aleksandrovich, b. 03.05.1926

Andreyev Valentin Dmitrievich, b. 05.08.1924

Andreyev Vasily Andreyevich, b. 04.08.1926

Andreyev Viktor Ivanovich, b. 27.10.1925

Andreyev Viktor Ivanovich, b. 01.07.1917

Andreyev Vladimir Petrovich, b. 21.08.1922

Andreyeva Anna Nikolayevna, b. 06.01.1925

Andreyeva Anna Stepanovna, b. 02.01.1913

Andreyeva Maria Yegorovna, b. 13.05.1926

Andreyeva Vera Mikhalovna, b. 25.01.1918

Andrianov Aleksandr Stepanovich, b. 17.02.1911

Andrianov Mikhail Semenovich, b. 09.09.1914

Andrianova Anna Stepanovna, b. 26.02.1919

Andrianova Tatyana Mikhalovna, b. 17.01.1922

Andrianova Vera Ilyinichna, b. 24.09.1921

Andronov Alekse Fedorovich, b. 08.03.1920

Andronov Valentin Petrovich, b. 09.11.1927

Andronov Vladimir Alekseyevich, b. 26.07.1918

Andronov Vladimir Alekseyevich, b. 01.07.1917

Andronova Valentina Alekseyevna, b. 13.12.1921

Androsov Petr Dmitrievich, b. 27.06.1920

Andrusov Fedor Nikolayevich, b. 08.07.1921

Andryukin Alekse Sergeyevich, b. 15.06.1926

Andryushin Serafim Lavrentyevich, b. 31.07.1926

Andryushin Vasily Grigoryevich, b. 08.02.1924

Andryushina Anna Dmitrievna, b. 26.07.1924

Andryushina Yelena Alekseyevna, b. 18.05.1922

Anichenkova Antonina Ivanovna, b. 06.07.1922

Anikanova Anna Lavrentyevna, b. 08.04.1922

Anikeyev Ivan Yakovlevich, b. 25.08.1916

Anikeyeva Lidia Ivanovna, b. 11.11.1924

Anikeyeva Valentina Andreyevna, b. 15.12.1922

Anikin Ivan Fedorovich, b. 05.08.1923

Anikin Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 30.06.1926

Anikin Nikola Grigoryevich, b. 20.05.1923

Anikin Serge Vasilyevich, b. 02.10.1923

Anikin Vasily Stepanovich, b. 17.07.1918

Anikina Tatyana Yemelyanovna, b. 15.09.1924

Anikina Valentina Yemelyanovna, b. 11.01.1924

Anisiforov Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, b. 05.11.1931

Anisimov Aleksandr Kuzmich, b. 26.08.1927

Anisimov Aleksandr Pavlovich, b. 21.07.1925

Anisimov Fedor Ivanovich, b. 04.04.1917

Anisimov Nikola Dmitrievich, b. 17.12.1924

Anisimov Nikola Kuzmich, b. 25.01.1925

Anisimov Pavel Semenovich, b. 09.07.1927

Anisimova Antonina Stepanovna, b. 14.08.1922

Anisimova Lyubov Yefimovna, b. 23.08.1921

Anisimova Yekaterina Yefimovna, b. 09.01.1917

Anisimova Yevdokia Kuzminichna, b. 12.03.1921

Anisina Yevdokia Pavlovna, b. 14.08.1924

Aniskin Aleksandr Matveyevich, b. 15.12.1926

Aniskin Mikhail Petrovich, b. 04.11.1915

Aniskin Serge Semenovich, b. 26.10.1926

Aniskin Yevgeny Dmitrievich, b. 14.12.1925

Aniskina Klavdia Ivanovna, b. 30.01.1921

Aniskov Ivan Ivanovich, b. 01.07.1917

Aniskov Ivan Ivanovich, b. 13.01.1915

Aniskova Antonina Konstantinovna, b. 24.11.1922

Annushkin Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 18.04.1925

Anokhin Grigory Semenovich, b. 04.12.1910

Anokhin Serge Mikhalovich, b. 28.09.1918

Anokhina Anna Petrovna, b. 11.02.1925

Anokhina Natalya Ivanovna, b. 07.09.1923

Anokhina Varvara Mikhalovna, b. 31.05.1926

Anokhina Yevgenia Ivanovna, b. 21.01.1929

Anokhina Zinaida Ivanovna, b. 23.01.1925

Anoshin Vladimir Sergeyevich, b. 15.10.1926

Anosov Alekse Konstantinovich, b. 07.03.1918

Anosov Alekse Vasilyevich, b. 27.03.1926

Anosov Grigory Pavlovich, b. 27.09.1917

Anosov Petr Konstantinovich, b. 26.12.1924

Anosov Serge Yegorovich, b. 26.12.1922

Antamonov Nikola Tarasovich, b. 14.06.1926

Antipov Anatoly Alekseyevich, b. 21.01.1923

Antipov Mikhail Alekseyevich, b. 21.12.1926

Antipov Mikhail Stepanovich, b. 27.12.1919

Antipov Nikola Yakovlevich, b. 14.12.1916

Antipov Petr Yakovlevich, b. 13.07.1925

Antipov Vladimir Nikolayevich, b. 01.07.1926

Antipov Vladimir Vfremovich, b. 21.06.1925

Antipov Vladimir Yefremovich, b. 06.07.1923

Antipova Anna Romanovna, b. 29.01.1915

Antipova Anna Sergeyevna, b. 12.12.1922

Antokhin Ivan Fedoseyevich, b. 26.08.1926

Antokhin Serge Nikitovich, b. 08.10.1920

Antonov Alekse Mikhalovich, b. 18.04.1925

Antonov Ivan Antonovich, b. 05.05.1919

Antonov Ivan Nikitovich, b. 10.09.1924

Antonov Ivan Nikolayevich, b. 19.01.1924

Antonov Konstantin Nikitovich, b. 13.03.1920

Antonov Mikhail Stepanovich, b. 25.11.1925

Antonov Nikola Ilyich, b. 01.11.1925

Antonov Valentin Ivanovich, b. 19.04.1925

Antonov Vasily Ivanovich, b. 13.01.1923

Antonov Vasily Ivanovich, b. 30.01.1915

Antonov Vladimir Mikhalovich, b. 01.09.1921

Antonova Maria Vasilyevna, b. 18.03.1922

Antonova Nina Alekseyevna, b. 31.01.1924

Antonova Nina Vitalyevna, b. 10.01.1912

Antonova Vera Lavrentyevna, b. 28.08.1922

Antonova Yekaterina Dmitrievna, b. 08.03.1921

Antonova Yelena Ivanovna, b. 10.06.1922

Antonova Yelizaveta Illarionovna, b. 16.09.1918

Antonova Yelizaveta Ivanovna, b. 04.09.1923

Antonushkin Anatoly Ivanovich, b. 27.11.1927

Antonushkin Vladimir Ivanovich, b. 30.06.1925

Antoshin Ilya Petrovich, b. 28.07.1926

Antoshin Mikhail Fedorovich, b. 24.10.1927

Antoshkin Pavel Yefimovich, b. 01.07.1917

Antsiferova Zinaida Aleksandrovna, b. 08.01.1923

Antsiperov Viktor Mikhalovich, b. 26.11.1923

Antyufeyeva Tatyana Alekseyevna, b. 02.01.1914

Anufriev Mikhail Fedorovich, b. 04.10.1924

Anufriev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 19.02.1931

Anufrieva Anastasia Vasilyevna, b. 20.01.1917

Anufrieva Anna Mikhalovna, b. 28.08.1919

Anufrieva Yekaterina Vasilyevna, b. 01.12.1924

Anurov Ivan Prokofyevich, b. 10.08.1922

Anurov Vasily Ivanovich, b. 30.11.1922

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