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Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

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Alphabetic List:


Katarzhnov Anton Fedorovich, b. 12.05.1922

Katarzhnov Ivan Dmitrievich, b. 27.12.1927

Katarzhnov Ivan Ivanovich, b. 17.01.1926

Katarzhnov Mikhail Andreyevich, b. 25.08.1926

Katarzhnov Mikhail Matveyevich, b. 04.09.1924

Katarzhnov Nikola Fedoseyevich, b. 09.10.1924

Katarzhnov Petr Ivanovich, b. 15.02.1916

Katasonov Aleksandr Mikhalovich, b. 23.06.1928

Katasonov Pavel Yakovlevich, b. 20.12.1928

Katorgin Alekse Grigoryevich, b. 17.04.1919

Katorgin Mikhail Mikhalovich, b. 25.08.1923

Katorgin Stepan Vasilyevich, b. 22.01.1926

Katorgin Vasily Romanovich, b. 13.11.1925

Katorgin Vasily Yegorovich, b. 23.03.1923

Katorgin Yuri Nikitovich, b. 10.08.1916

Katrich Vasily Yeliseyevich, b. 09.11.1920

Katrichev Ivan Aleksandrovich, b. 15.02.1925

Katrushenko Yegor Dmitrievich, b. 16.05.1927

Kaunnikov Alekse Iosifovich, b. 03.05.1926

Kaurov Alekse Vasilyevich, b. 14.03.1921

Kaverin Ivan Filimonovich, b. 20.05.1920

Kavyntseva Klavdia Yefimovna, b. 02.09.1924

Kayukov Ivan Nikolayevich, b. 19.06.1923

Kazachenko Nikola Ilyich, b. 05.04.1928

Kazachenko Viktor Vasilyevich, b. 03.11.1926

Kazak Yuri Mikhalovich, b. 12.12.1923

Kazakov Aleksandr Vasilyevich, b. 09.11.1923

Kazakov Nikola Ivanovich, b. 06.01.1926

Kazakov Nikola Yegorovich, b. 16.12.1923

Kazakov Vasily Ivanovich, b. 01.07.1925

Kazakov Vasily Petrovich, b. 01.01.1925

Kazakov Vasily Semenovich, b. 27.11.1919

Kazakova Anna Akimovna, b. 06.03.1925

Kazakova Antonina Matveyevna, b. 28.02.1922

Kazakova Maria Ivanovna, b. 23.04.1922

Kazakova Maria Savelyevna, b. 08.02.1923

Kazakova Natalya Mikhalovna, b. 10.10.1924

Kazantsev Mikhail Rodionovich, b. 01.01.1924

Kazantseva Yelena Alekseyevna, b. 28.07.1923

Kazarinov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, b. 23.04.1920

Kazarinov Iosif Pavlovich, b. 03.12.1911

Kazarinov Mitrofan Tikhonovich, b. 22.06.1920

Kazarinov Vasily Pavlovich, b. 02.04.1918

Kazennov Vasily Fedorovich, b. 07.11.1921

Kazennova Nadezhda Maksimovna, b. 22.11.1924

Kazinina Anna Petrovna, b. 18.02.1921

Kazliner Iosif Isaakovich, b. 19.01.1924

Kazmin Grigory Ivanovich, b. 29.01.1925

Kaznacheyev Ivan Stepanovich, b. 01.07.1925

Kaznacheyevsky Alekse Stepanovich, b. 01.07.1925

Kaznacheyevsky Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 01.07.1926

Kaznacheyevsky Nikola Alekseyevich, b. 18.12.1924

Kaznacheyevsky Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 25.10.1926

Kazyurin Ivan Filippovich, b. 01.01.1924

Keba Andre Mikhalovich, b. 08.09.1921

Kebedov Magomed, b. 20.08.1920

Kebedova Lidia Vasilyevna, b. 17.04.1922

Kekin Petr Petrovich, b. 25.09.1919

Kepov Aleksandr Georgievich, b. 17.02.1921

Khabarov Nikola Petrovich, b. 11.04.1927

Khabibov Nazim, b. 01.07.1913

Khachayev Pavel Trofimovich, b. 01.07.1926

Khadykin Nikola Semenovich, b. 14.08.1929

Khakhalev Akim Antonovich, b. 21.09.1926

Khakhalev Eduard Ilyich, b. 01.02.1925

Khakhalev Filipp Matveyevich, b. 10.10.1921

Khakhalev Vasily Timofeyevich, b. 19.02.1919

Khakhalev Yegor Romanovich, b. 27.04.1927

Khakhil Ivan Ivanovich, b. 01.03.1921

Khakhilev Timofe Vasilyevich, b. 18.06.1926

Khakhulina Anna Afanasyevna, b. 01.07.1922

Khalaimova Galina Vasilyevna, b. 09.05.1926

Khalenko Ivan Prokofyevich, b. 22.04.1922

Khalenkov Mitrofan Grigoryevich, b. 25.02.1925

Khaleyev Petr Yakovlevich, b. 01.07.1925

Khaleyev Serge Afanasyevich, b. 25.09.1927

Khaleyev Vasily Petrovich, b. 15.01.1926

Khaleyeva Yevdokia Petrovna, b. 20.02.1924

Khalilov Alesker Gasanovich, b. 14.06.1925

Khalipina Maria Tikhonovna, b. 01.10.1922

Khamenova Darya Yefimovna, b. 10.05.1917

Khamov Serge Kuzmich, b. 22.04.1926

Khananova Antonina Yevdokimovna, b. 17.03.1924

Khandogina Sofya Fedorovna, b. 15.05.1926

Khanin Alekse Artamonovich, b. 01.01.1925

Khanin Dmitry Akimovich, b. 03.07.1923

Khanin Grigory Fedorovich, b. 23.01.1926

Khanin Ivan Nikolayevich, b. 25.02.1926

Khanin Mitrofan Fedorovich, b. 23.10.1923

Khanina Klavdia Alekseyevna, b. 16.11.1917

Khanykov Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 20.10.1925

Khanzhalyants Georgy Osipovich, b. 17.08.1923

Khanzhin Vasily Fedorovich, b. 12.02.1921

Kharchenko Anna Vasilyevna, b. 11.02.1924

Kharchenko Grigory Pavlovich, b. 20.02.1928

Kharchenko Ivan Nikolayevich, b. 10.01.1926

Kharchenko Ivan Stepanovich, b. 24.08.1925

Kharchenko Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 30.01.1927

Kharchenko Ivan Yakovlevich, b. 13.10.1924

Kharchenko Maria Grigoryevna, b. 07.11.1926

Kharchenko Nikola Alekseyevich, b. 15.06.1925

Kharchenko Nikola Denisovich, b. 25.12.1923

Kharchenko Petr Yakovlevich, b. 20.03.1927

Kharchenko Yakov Timofeyevich, b. 12.05.1924

Kharebina Lyudmila Ivanovna, b. 17.10.1935

Kharin Grigory Ivanovich, b. 01.07.1912

Kharin Stepan Alekseyevich, b. 24.05.1926

Kharin Vasily Moiseyevich, b. 17.04.1927

Kharitonchik Vladimir Alekseyevich, b. 16.09.1927

Kharitonov Nikola Ivanovich, b. 20.12.1923

Kharitonov Nikola Maksimovich, b. 30.09.1924

Kharitonov Pavel Vasilyevich, b. 19.02.1924

Kharitonova Aleksandra Dmitrievna, b. 10.06.1921

Kharitonova Olga Ivanovna, b. 23.07.1924

Kharitonova Vera Nikolayevna, b. 03.05.1929

Kharitonovich Yelena Fedotovna, b. 08.01.1914

Kharkhardina Tatyana Ivanovna, b. 23.02.1923

Kharkov Ivan Fedorovich, b. 12.01.1919

Kharkov Mikhail Fedorovich, b. 15.05.1925

Kharkovskaya Anna Aleksandrovna, b. 27.11.1923

Kharkovsky Aleksandr Romanovich, b. 02.08.1926

Kharlak Dmitry Nikolayevich, b. 05.12.1927

Kharlamov Grigory Timofeyevich, b. 17.05.1923

Kharlamov Konstantin Petrovich, b. 30.05.1923

Kharlamov Veniamin Ignatyevich, b. 23.02.1925

Kharlanov Ivan Andreyevich, b. 25.12.1917

Kharybin Mitrofan Konstantinovich, b. 20.07.1926

Khasanov Rashit Khasanovich, b. 20.10.1924

Khasilev Vladimir Ionovich, b. 11.12.1923

Khatkin Vasily Yakovlevich, b. 14.05.1924

Khatskevich Aleksandra Ivanovna, b. 22.04.1918

Khatskevich Arkady Zakharovich, b. 15.02.1918

Khaustov Mikhail Ivanovich, b. 15.09.1918

Khaustov Nikola Denisovich, b. 27.06.1925

Khaustov Nikola Fedorovich, b. 05.06.1925

Khavanov Fedor Arefyevich, b. 23.02.1923

Khavansky Nikola Ivanovich, b. 08.04.1922

Khavansky Serge Andreyevich, b. 15.09.1926

Khazov Dmitry Konstantinovich, b. 10.05.1922

Khelm Nina Nikolayevna, b. 21.04.1934

Kherar Anatoly Konstantinovich, b. 14.09.1921

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