Veterans Lists

Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

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Alphabetic List:

Yag-Yau Yaz-Yep Yer-Yut

Yeremenko Ivan Antonovich, b. 22.03.1926

Yeremenko Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 07.09.1909

Yeremenko Lidia Pavlovna, b. 09.03.1925

Yeremenko Mikhail Sergeyevich, b. 20.10.1923

Yeremenko Nikola Timofeyevich, b. 23.08.1924

Yeremenko Pavel Ivanovich, b. 12.06.1924

Yeremenko Serge Andreyevich, b. 20.06.1924

Yeremenko Tikhon Vladimirovich, b. 07.02.1925

Yeremeyev Maksim Fedorovich, b. 23.04.1926

Yeremeyev Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 25.07.1925

Yeremeyev Serge Ivanovich, b. 24.11.1925

Yeremeyeva Natalya Ivanovna, b. 01.07.1922

Yeremin Alekse Ivanovich, b. 26.03.1926

Yeremin Alekse Nikolayevich, b. 25.03.1920

Yeremin Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 23.01.1924

Yeremin Ivan Denisovich, b. 01.07.1921

Yeremin Petr Dmitrievich, b. 19.08.1926

Yeremin Petr Fedorovich, b. 22.06.1927

Yeremin Serge Grigoryevich, b. 14.09.1924

Yeremin Valentin Matveyevich, b. 15.08.1924

Yerin Nikola Ivanovich, b. 17.09.1923

Yerin Oleg Petrovich, b. 01.02.1926

Yerin Petr Averyanovich, b. 11.07.1921

Yerkhov Petr Mikhalovich, b. 10.09.1925

Yerkov Pavel Petrovich, b. 10.06.1924

Yermakov Aleksandr Mitrofanovich, b. 19.08.1927

Yermakov Anatoly Stefanovich, b. 07.02.1932

Yermakov Boris Ivanovich, b. 01.07.1922

Yermakov Ivan Kirillovich, b. 25.10.1925

Yermakov Ivan Semenovich, b. 20.11.1924

Yermakov Leonid Grigoryevich, b. 21.01.1921

Yermakov Valentin Ivanovich, b. 24.12.1931

Yermakov Vasily Grigoryevich, b. 10.02.1923

Yermakov Vladimir Filippovich, b. 20.05.1925

Yermilichev Serge Dorofeyevich, b. 08.10.1924

Yermilov Nikola Romanovich, b. 26.01.1927

Yermolayeva Anastasia Grigoryevna, b. 15.02.1922

Yermolchev Stepan Malofeyevich, b. 21.12.1923

Yermolenko Ivan Fedorovich, b. 03.01.1917

Yermolenko Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 12.08.1925

Yermolenko Petr Stefanovich, b. 25.06.1925

Yermolenko Stepan Fedoseyevich, b. 28.12.1928

Yermolenko Svirid Prokofyevich, b. 20.12.1909

Yermolenko Vasily Ivanovich, b. 18.10.1923

Yermolenko Vladimir Grigoryevich, b. 20.08.1926

Yermolov Vladimir Mikhalovich, b. 14.01.1925

Yermoshkin Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 26.11.1925

Yermuraty Mikhail Grigoryevich, b. 14.08.1913

Yerofeyev Nikola Prokofyevich, b. 09.12.1927

Yerokhin Anatoly Vasilyevich, b. 07.09.1924

Yerokhin Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 10.04.1926

Yerokhin Matve Dmitrievich, b. 13.02.1913

Yerokhin Vladimir Khristoforovich, b. 10.05.1927

Yerokhina Yelena Yevdokimovna, b. 08.04.1923

Yerokhina Yelena Yevdokimovna, b. 08.05.1923

Yerokhov Rostislav Petrovich, b. 09.02.1928

Yeroshenko Fedor Kirillovich, b. 31.01.1926

Yeroshenko Valentina Dmitrievna, b. 06.04.1926

Yeroshev Nikola Ivanovich, b. 15.04.1926

Yeroshin Petr Yevdokimovich, b. 21.06.1922

Yeroshina Maria Semenovna, b. 26.11.1925

Yershov Vasily Ivanovich, b. 01.02.1919

Yershov Vasily Yegorovich, b. 05.11.1925

Yerygin Aleksandr Semenovich, b. 15.12.1926

Yerygin Alekse Vasilyevich, b. 25.08.1928

Yerygin Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 19.09.1919

Yerygin Nikola Andreyevich, b. 15.12.1923

Yeryshev Anton Ivanovich, b. 04.04.1921

Yeryshev Ivan Sidorovich, b. 24.11.1920

Yesaulov Dmitry Andreyevich, b. 23.10.1926

Yesaulova Antonina Petrovna, b. 15.07.1922

Yesenina Ksenia Andreyevna, b. 15.01.1922

Yesenkov Anatoly Pavlovich, b. 03.09.1926

Yesikov Ivan Nikolayevich, b. 23.08.1926

Yesin Andre Fedotovich, b. 01.07.1923

Yesin Ivan Mikhalovich, b. 06.06.1925

Yesin Mikhail Sergeyevich, b. 24.10.1924

Yesin Vasily Dmitrievich, b. 25.03.1910

Yesin Yakov Afanasyevich, b. 20.10.1914

Yeskov Ivan Aleksandrovich, b. 16.04.1926

Yeskov Vasily Konstantinovich, b. 15.05.1926

Yevchenko Vasily Vasilyevich, b. 10.01.1924

Yevdokimenko Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 22.02.1924

Yevdokimov Fedor Markovich, b. 20.05.1926

Yevdokimov Ilya Petrovich, b. 10.08.1921

Yevdokimov Ivan Ivanovich, b. 25.12.1923

Yevdokimov Ivan Matveyevich, b. 01.07.1924

Yevdokimov Leonid Yegorovich, b. 05.03.1927

Yevdokimov Lukyan Petrovich, b. 10.02.1910

Yevdokimov Nikola Afanasyevich, b. 24.12.1915

Yevdokimov Petr Ivanovich, b. 12.07.1922

Yevdokimov Semen Ivanovich, b. 08.11.1927

Yevdokimov Stepan Zakharovich, b. 23.01.1919

Yevdokimov Yefim Gerasimovich, b. 15.06.1921

Yevdokimov Yegor Nikitovich, b. 18.04.1913

Yevdokimova Apolinaria Fedorovna, b. 24.12.1923

Yevdokimova Natalya Mitrofanovna, b. 17.08.1925

Yevdokimova Yekaterina Semenovna, b. 11.12.1925

Yevdoshenko Vasily Andreyevich, b. 14.08.1927

Yevdoshenko Vladimir Iosifovich, b. 01.05.1926

Yevsechenko Maria Gerasimovna, b. 09.10.1923

Yevseyev Grigory Pavlovich, b. 25.06.1927

Yevseyev Semen Maksimovich, b. 11.09.1926

Yevstafyev Fedor Andreyevich, b. 14.01.1920

Yevsyukov Afanasy Fedotovich, b. 18.01.1922

Yevsyukov Alekse Nikityevich, b. 10.03.1926

Yevsyukov Dmitry Fedorovich, b. 02.11.1925

Yevsyukov Fedor Prokofyevich, b. 16.03.1925

Yevsyukov Ivan Pantilimonovich, b. 19.02.1921

Yevsyukov Ivan Prokofyevich, b. 27.04.1922

Yevsyukov Ivan Trofimovich, b. 03.03.1930

Yevsyukov Mikhail Kirillovich, b. 03.02.1926

Yevsyukov Vasily Timofeyevich, b. 29.12.1923

Yevsyukov Yegor Grigoryevich, b. 30.11.1928

Yevtifeyev Vasily Mikhalovich, b. 31.01.1924

Yevtushenko Grigory Antonovich, b. 13.03.1925

Yevtushenko Ivan Andreyevich, b. 24.09.1923

Yevtushenko Vasily Yefremovich, b. 15.01.1924

Yezhechenko Valentina Nikolayevna, b. 12.07.1921

Yudchits Nadezhda Fedorovna, b. 05.08.1921

Yudin Alekse Fedoseyevich, b. 27.03.1921

Yudin Ivan Yegorovich, b. 14.01.1919

Yudin Leonid Grigoryevich, b. 19.11.1921

Yudin Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 17.09.1926

Yudin Vasily Pavlovich, b. 12.02.1913

Yudin Vladimir Andreyevich, b. 02.02.1922

Yudin Yefim Trofimovich, b. 14.10.1918

Yudina Khristinya Vasilyevna, b. 15.03.1913

Yunakov Grigory Nikitovich, b. 22.07.1926

Yurasova Pelageya Sergeyevna, b. 13.09.1924

Yurastov Fedor Vasilyevich, b. 02.03.1926

Yurchenko Fedor Onufrievich, b. 17.12.1916

Yurchenko Gennady Ivanovich, b. 27.01.1924

Yurchenko Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 20.11.1919

Yurchenko Lyubov Grigoryevna, b. 12.06.1921

Yurchenko Nikola Fedorovich, b. 04.03.1922

Yurchenko Petr Yevseyevich, b. 02.08.1925

Yurchenko Tamara Konstantinovna, b. 18.04.1924

Yurevich Stanislav Bernardovich, b. 30.05.1923

Yurevich Stanislav Kazimirovich, b. 21.05.1921

Yurikov Mikhail Dmitrievich, b. 14.01.1922

Yurikov Vladimir Andreyevich, b. 01.01.1926

Yurin Mikhail Fedorovich, b. 02.06.1925

Yurishcheva Vera Filippovna, b. 24.04.1920

Yurkevich Angelina Antonovna, b. 10.01.1922

Yurkov Nikola Prokofyevich, b. 19.06.1926

Yurov Vasily Vladimirovich, b. 24.02.1926

Yuryev Dmitry Vladimirovich, b. 04.03.1920

Yuryev Ivan Tikhonovich, b. 07.06.1925

Yuryev Vladimir Ilyich, b. 30.12.1927

Yuryev Yakov Timofeyevich, b. 14.04.1924

Yushin Grigory Terentyevich, b. 19.11.1914

Yushinov Serge Isayevich, b. 07.04.1925

Yutkin Ivan Sergeyevich, b. 31.12.1927

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