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Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

Russian Federation Overseas

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Alphabetic List:


Shvalev Alekse Ivanovich, b. 14.10.1923

Shvedchikov Pavel Fedorovich, b. 20.02.1928

Shvets Pavel Kondratyevich, b. 24.01.1925

Shvetsov Aleksandr Alekseyevich, b. 02.06.1926

Shvetsov Aleksandr Mikhalovich, b. 11.04.1920

Shvetsov Anatoly Fedorovich, b. 15.11.1925

Shvetsov Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 05.12.1925

Shvetsov Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 14.01.1919

Shvetsov Vladimir Timofeyevich, b. 27.03.1921

Sidorenko Maria Vasilyevna, b. 15.09.1922

Sidorkina Anna Dmitrievna, b. 07.12.1924

Sidorkina Galina Yakovlevna, b. 29.08.1924

Sidorov Anatoly Romanovich, b. 07.04.1930

Sidorov Ivan Pavlovich, b. 08.10.1923

Sidorov Nikita Matveyevich, b. 08.06.1919

Sidorov Pavel Yegorovich, b. 20.06.1925

Sidorov Valery Andreyevich, b. 10.09.1928

Sidorov Vasily Yakovlevich, b. 10.03.1922

Sidorov Veniamin Spiridonovich, b. 13.11.1926

Sidorova Maria Afanasyevna, b. 09.11.1917

Sidorova Olga Kirillovna, b. 18.03.1922

Sigarev Ivan Ivanovich, b. 25.04.1923

Sikov Pavel Ivanovich, b. 21.09.1925

Silina Zoya Nikolayevna, b. 22.12.1921

Silkin Fedor Yemelyanovich, b. 03.10.1915

Silkina Maria Trofimovna, b. 21.12.1922

Simakhin Fedor Ivanovich, b. 20.02.1925

Simakov Alekse Stepanovich, b. 05.10.1915

Simakov Ivan Mikhalovich, b. 17.06.1924

Simakov Vasily Prokopyevich, b. 20.12.1924

Simakov Vasily Yefimovich, b. 13.01.1926

Simanov Arkady Alekseyevich, b. 10.11.1923

Simkin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, b. 19.06.1923

Simonov Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 01.02.1918

Simonov Boris Mikhalovich, b. 10.02.1921

Simonov Ilya Nikolayevich, b. 23.07.1924

Simonov Ivan Aleksandrovich, b. 27.05.1917

Simonov Konstantin Aleksandrovich, b. 17.05.1918

Simonov Mikhail Grigoryevich, b. 24.10.1925

Simonov Mikhail Matveyevich, b. 24.07.1925

Simonov Mikhail Pavlovich, b. 30.05.1922

Simonov Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 01.12.1918

Simonov Petr Timofeyevich, b. 12.07.1923

Simonov Stepan Ivanovich, b. 25.04.1917

Simonov Vasily Filippovich, b. 13.01.1926

Simonov Viktor Gordeyevich, b. 22.12.1925

Simonov Viktor Nikolayevich, b. 25.07.1931

Simonov Viktor Petrovich, b. 17.11.1926

Simonova Anna Ivanovna, b. 01.09.1921

Simonova Anna Ivanovna, b. 30.12.1923

Simonova Lidia Mikhalovna, b. 07.11.1921

Sinitsyn Nikola Konstantinovich, b. 12.12.1927

Sinitsyna Aleksandra Alekseyevna, b. 14.10.1918

Sintsov Aleksandr Stepanovich, b. 19.02.1924

Sintsov Aleksandr Trofimovich, b. 03.11.1926

Sintsov Anatoly Mikhalovich, b. 06.09.1924

Sintsov Dmitry Ilyich, b. 23.09.1926

Sintsov Gennady Agafonovich, b. 29.08.1922

Sintsov Leonid Kirillovich, b. 30.05.1925

Sintsov Mikhail Ivanovich, b. 08.07.1923

Sintsov Valentin Pavlovich, b. 30.10.1927

Sintsova Lidia Aleksandrovna, b. 24.02.1921

Sintsova Maria Ivanovna, b. 10.07.1921

Sintsova Yevgenia Yefimovna, b. 25.11.1922

Sinyakova Nadezhda Pavlovna, b. 22.10.1922

Sinyavina Maria Zoteyevna, b. 01.06.1924

Sipachev Viktor Dmitrievich, b. 16.12.1923

Sipachev Viktor Nikolayevich, b. 10.03.1917

Sipayev Vitaly Aleksandrovich, b. 28.03.1923

Sirotina Aleksandra Ivanovna, b. 13.06.1924

Sitchikhin Anatoly Gavrilovich, b. 25.05.1923

Sitchikhin Mikhail Yefimovich, b. 20.09.1923

Sitchikhina Maria Pavlovna, b. 01.08.1922

Sitchikhina Tatyana Stepanovna, b. 07.11.1917

Sitnikov Abram Fedorovich, b. 04.11.1922

Sitnikov Afanasy Alekseyevich, b. 19.07.1929

Sitnikov Aleksandr Dmitrievich, b. 29.07.1926

Sitnikov Aleksandr Yakovlevich, b. 28.04.1924

Sitnikov Alekse Ulyanovich, b. 22.03.1924

Sitnikov Alekse Vasilyevich, b. 30.10.1920

Sitnikov Arkady Mikhalovich, b. 25.01.1931

Sitnikov Dmitry Mikhalovich, b. 06.11.1925

Sitnikov Dmitry Tikhonovich, b. 17.07.1920

Sitnikov Ilya Petrovich, b. 18.07.1926

Sitnikov Ivan Dmitrievich, b. 25.12.1915

Sitnikov Ivan Filimonovich, b. 28.04.1924

Sitnikov Lev Ivanovich, b. 24.02.1924

Sitnikov Mikhail Aleksandrovich, b. 23.08.1926

Sitnikov Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 21.09.1925

Sitnikov Nikola Maksimovich, b. 05.12.1926

Sitnikov Pavel Petrovich, b. 13.11.1921

Sitnikov Petr Yevstegneyevich, b. 29.07.1919

Sitnikov Semen Vasilyevich, b. 09.09.1925

Sitnikov Serge Ivanovich, b. 09.09.1927

Sitnikov Serge Matveyevich, b. 21.06.1922

Sitnikov Serge Yakovlevich, b. 10.10.1924

Sitnikov Valentin Dmitrievich, b. 26.01.1920

Sitnikov Vasily Mikhalovich, b. 12.01.1924

Sitnikov Vitaly Mikhalovich, b. 24.08.1924

Sitnikov Vladimir Mikhalovich, b. 14.06.1922

Sitnikov Yevgeny Mikhalovich, b. 07.07.1926

Sitnikova Anastasia Alekseyevna, b. 04.01.1922

Sitnikova Anna Alekseyevna, b. 11.11.1923

Sitnikova Antonina Yefimovna, b. 12.06.1918

Sitnikova Klavdia Vasilyevna, b. 18.03.1918

Sitnikova Valentina Andreyevna, b. 06.09.1923

Sitnova Maria Pavlovna, b. 01.07.1915

Sityakov Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 20.09.1919

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