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Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

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Alphabetic List:


Dyabilkin Alekse Yakovlevich, b. 25.05.1926

Dyachenko Aleksandr Yefimovich, b. 29.08.1917

Dyachenko Aleksandra Sergeyevna, b. 01.02.1924

Dyachenko Anatoly Konstantinovich, b. 30.08.1924

Dyachenko Andre Andreyevich, b. 15.08.1925

Dyachenko Anna Mikhalovna, b. 07.09.1923

Dyachenko Anna Nikolayevna, b. 15.12.1922

Dyachenko Anna Timofeyevna, b. 06.11.1927

Dyachenko Anton Fedorovich, b. 01.07.1913

Dyachenko Antonina Konstantinovna, b. 10.07.1924

Dyachenko Dmitry Ivanovich, b. 24.02.1924

Dyachenko Gavriil Yegorovich, b. 07.04.1922

Dyachenko Georgy Mikhalovich, b. 09.02.1921

Dyachenko Ivan Andreyevich, b. 15.01.1921

Dyachenko Ivan Gavrilovich, b. 22.12.1922

Dyachenko Ivan Ivanovich, b. 06.05.1920

Dyachenko Ivan Stefanovich, b. 01.07.1914

Dyachenko Konstantin Pavlovich, b. 08.06.1924

Dyachenko Larisa Fedorovna, b. 25.03.1924

Dyachenko Lidia Grigoryevna, b. 27.07.1925

Dyachenko Luiza Grigoryevna, b. 30.07.1921

Dyachenko Maria Alekseyevna, b. 05.11.1924

Dyachenko Maria Yemelyanovna, b. 03.03.1922

Dyachenko Nadezhda Ivanovna, b. 25.10.1923

Dyachenko Nikita Ivanovich, b. 14.03.1917

Dyachenko Nikola Mikhalovich, b. 12.12.1925

Dyachenko Nikola Petrovich, b. 09.05.1922

Dyachenko Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 14.12.1926

Dyachenko Olga Ivanovna, b. 21.04.1923

Dyachenko Pavel Andreyevich, b. 01.01.1919

Dyachenko Pavel Fedotovich, b. 26.02.1926

Dyachenko Pavel Ivanovich, b. 04.07.1926

Dyachenko Pavel Vasilyevich, b. 19.08.1924

Dyachenko Petr Ivanovich, b. 18.07.1926

Dyachenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna, b. 11.06.1926

Dyachenko Tatyana Timofeyevna, b. 18.02.1922

Dyachenko Vasily Aleksandrovich, b. 12.03.1924

Dyachenko Vasily Antonovich, b. 20.12.1923

Dyachenko Vasily Mironovich, b. 19.07.1919

Dyachenko Vasily Yakovlevich, b. 28.02.1920

Dyachenko Vasily Yepifanovich, b. 16.08.1922

Dyachenko Viktor Yakovlevich, b. 24.01.1925

Dyachenko Vitaly Vasilyevich, b. 07.02.1930

Dyachenko Vladimir Pavlovich, b. 15.03.1925

Dyachenko Vladimir Yevdokimovich, b. 28.01.1923

Dyachenko Yekaterina Aleksandrovna, b. 08.12.1919

Dyachenko Yekaterina Grigoryevna, b. 19.05.1925

Dyachenko Yuri Sergeyevich, b. 21.12.1923

Dyachevskaya Antonina Andreyevna, b. 12.07.1920

Dyachkov Aleksandr Antonovich, b. 08.03.1928

Dyachkov Mikhail Mikhalovich, b. 12.06.1924

Dyachkov Mikhail Sergeyevich, b. 26.11.1926

Dyachkov Petr Mikhalovich, b. 04.06.1920

Dyachkov Timofe Fedorovich, b. 03.02.1922

Dyachkov Vladimir Ignatyevich, b. 28.06.1921

Dyachkova Lyubov Isidorovna, b. 26.09.1923

Dyachkova Tamara Fedorovna, b. 01.08.1924

Dyadenko Praskovya Tikhonovna, b. 18.06.1923

Dyadkov Aleksandr Panteleyevich, b. 24.05.1925

Dyadya Mikhail Ilyich, b. 15.10.1921

Dyadyura Ivan Lukich, b. 17.05.1926

Dyadyushev Veniamin Aleksandrovich, b. 06.01.1933

Dyagileva Galina Mikhalovna, b. 04.08.1918

Dyakin Ivan Ivanovich, b. 24.03.1911

Dyakonenko Dmitry Nikolayevich, b. 04.11.1921

Dyakonenko Petr Sergeyevich, b. 23.09.1924

Dyakonov Aleksandr Andreyevich, b. 15.01.1918

Dyakonov Lev Grigoryevich, b. 15.12.1925

Dyakonov Nikola Ilyich, b. 09.02.1917

Dyakonov Serge Dmitrievich, b. 08.08.1921

Dyakonova Olesya Trofimovna, b. 12.11.1924

Dyakonova Tatyana Mikhalovna, b. 20.01.1920

Dyakov Kasyan Sevostyanovich, b. 28.03.1916

Dyakov Mikhail Ivanovich, b. 22.04.1923

Dyakov Nikola Ivanovich, b. 22.05.1921

Dyakov Stefan Mikhalovich, b. 22.04.1925

Dyakov Vasily Vasilyevich, b. 25.02.1926

Dyakov Viktor Pavlovich, b. 27.07.1918

Dyakova Anna Sergeyevna, b. 03.12.1922

Dyakova Astkhik Gurgenovna, b. 24.12.1928

Dyakova Nadezhda Nikolayevna, b. 01.10.1922

Dyatlo Nikola Alekseyevich, b. 19.05.1921

Dyatlov Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 28.04.1926

Dyatlov Mikhail Timofeyevich, b. 23.05.1927

Dyatlov Petr Vasilyevich, b. 03.01.1926

Dyatlov Vasily Vladimirovich, b. 02.05.1926

Dyatlov Vladimir Yakovlevich, b. 20.09.1919

Dyatlova Anna Ivanovna, b. 03.04.1926

Dyatlova Lyubov Vladimirovna, b. 15.04.1920

Dyatlova Maria Yegorovna, b. 11.09.1923

Dyatlova Ninel Aleksandrovna, b. 22.12.1924

Dyatlovskaya Zoya Mikhalovna, b. 01.07.1924

Dybal Alekse Andreyevich, b. 22.03.1923

Dyblya Ivan Prokofyevich, b. 28.06.1924

Dyblya Taisa Fedorovna, b. 15.08.1924

Dybov Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 22.10.1922

Dybov Stepan Ilyich, b. 01.07.1917

Dychok Vladimir Mitrofanovich, b. 14.04.1932

Dykan Anatoly Semenovich, b. 13.10.1921

Dykan Andre Semenovich, b. 01.06.1925

Dykhlov Georgy Pavlovich, b. 25.05.1922

Dykina Yevdokia Semenovna, b. 08.08.1926

Dylev Serge Vasilyevich, b. 07.10.1926

Dymachek Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 22.08.1927

Dyment Matve Abramovich, b. 01.06.1918

Dymikha Ivan Trofimovich, b. 01.06.1917

Dymna Nikola Konstantinovich, b. 27.10.1925

Dymukha Makar Makarovich, b. 14.07.1917

Dynina Lyudmila Mikhalovna, b. 08.04.1923

Dynko Ivan Mironovich, b. 08.06.1924

Dynko Vyacheslav Petrovich, b. 07.01.1926

Dynnik Mikhail Antonovich, b. 15.09.1918

Dyrda Fedor Kirillovich, b. 23.09.1923

Dysenko Petr Ivanovich, b. 31.05.1926

Dyshkant Nikola Semenovich, b. 10.11.1921

Dysko Anisia Stefanovna, b. 09.01.1921

Dyubko Mikhail Fedorovich, b. 29.10.1926

Dyudinov Afanasy Pavlovich, b. 31.01.1926

Dyudyayev Aleksandr Zakharovich, b. 15.08.1924

Dyuka Petr Ivanovich, b. 27.07.1927

Dyukarev Ivan Pavlovich, b. 21.03.1925

Dyukarev Nikola Dmitrievich, b. 14.11.1923

Dyukarev Nikola Viktorovich, b. 06.12.1924

Dyulgarov Kharlampy Ilyich, b. 17.04.1922

Dyumin Alekse Trofimovich, b. 03.03.1922

Dyumin Vladimir Ivanovich, b. 19.06.1927

Dyumina Nadezhda Grigoryevna, b. 26.02.1925

Dyumina Yevgenia Yakovlevna, b. 22.12.1919

Dyusingalieva Yevdokia Fominichna, b. 24.02.1925

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