Veterans Lists

Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

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Andrakhanov Maksim Vasilyevich, b. 02.12.1921

Andrechenko Vasily Petrovich, b. 20.03.1924

Andrechuk Alekse Frolovich, b. 16.10.1925

Andreyenko Nikola Pavlovich, b. 15.01.1923

Andreyev Aleksandr Karpovich, b. 27.05.1923

Andreyev Aleksandr Nikolayevich, b. 17.03.1922

Andreyev Andre Ivanovich, b. 14.07.1915

Andreyev Boris Pavlovich, b. 13.06.1925

Andreyev Boris Stepanovich, b. 10.03.1923

Andreyev Grigory Andreyevich, b. 06.01.1923

Andreyev Grigory Pavlovich, b. 28.02.1927

Andreyev Leonid Stepanovich, b. 28.09.1923

Andreyev Leonid Yakovlevich, b. 17.03.1926

Andreyev Maksim Petrovich, b. 20.05.1919

Andreyev Mikhail Grigoryevich, b. 18.08.1919

Andreyev Nikola Borisovich, b. 12.12.1926

Andreyev Pavel Alekseyevich, b. 03.07.1923

Andreyev Pavel Konstantinovich, b. 10.05.1915

Andreyev Petr Ivanovich, b. 08.07.1923

Andreyev Petr Trofimovich, b. 09.03.1927

Andreyev Vasily Gavrilovich, b. 17.03.1925

Andreyev Vasily Ivanovich, b. 26.09.1925

Andreyev Vasily Ivanovich, b. 13.01.1924

Andreyev Vasily Nikolayevich, b. 08.08.1923

Andreyev Vasily Yemelyanovich, b. 14.04.1929

Andreyev Vladimir Alekseyevich, b. 11.07.1920

Andreyev Vladimir Ivanovich, b. 15.10.1926

Andreyev Vladimir Sergeyevich, b. 04.10.1925

Andreyev Yuri Georgievich, b. 25.12.1925

Andreyeva Aleksandra Petrovna, b. 16.12.1925

Andreyeva Antonina Fedorovna, b. 28.09.1925

Andreyeva Antonina Georgievna, b. 18.12.1918

Andreyeva Klavdia Yegorovna, b. 05.05.1925

Andreyeva Lidia Filippovna, b. 29.12.1919

Andreyeva Lyudmila Dmitrievna, b. 03.10.1931

Andreyeva Maria Yegorovna, b. 22.03.1923

Andreyeva Raisa Moiseyevna, b. 08.03.1924

Andreyeva Tamara Alekseyevna, b. 01.04.1923

Andrianov Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 30.08.1923

Andriasov Sarkis Vartanovich, b. 29.12.1922

Andrienko Aleksandra Stepanovna, b. 17.11.1923

Andrienko Pavel Petrovich, b. 17.09.1917

Andrievskaya Antonina Petrovna, b. 04.09.1923

Andrievsky Mikhail Danilovich, b. 14.10.1924

Andriyanov Alekse Matveyevich, b. 23.03.1922

Andriyanov Ivan Ilyich, b. 01.05.1921

Andriyanova Maria Ivanovna, b. 07.10.1925

Andronik Anna Timofeyevna, b. 27.01.1924

Andronov Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 17.09.1922

Andronov Vasily Petrovich, b. 27.04.1927

Andropov Ivan Semenovich, b. 03.02.1918

Androshkin Savely Yeremeyevich, b. 05.11.1923

Andrukh Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, b. 18.02.1919

Andrushchenko Yuri Sergeyevich, b. 12.08.1924

Andryuk Ilya Grigoryevich, b. 02.08.1925

Andryunin Yevgeny Andreyevich, b. 08.01.1923

Andryunina Anna Nikitichna, b. 25.04.1920

Andryushchenko Fedor Afanasyevich, b. 24.11.1925

Andryushchenko Gennady Georgievich, b. 23.03.1927

Andryushchenko Ivan Fedorovich, b. 18.05.1923

Andryushchenko Petr Grigoryevich, b. 20.06.1924

Andryushin Nikola Ivanovich, b. 21.11.1925

Anfimov Georgy Yefimovich, b. 10.05.1925

Anfimov Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 19.08.1926

Anikeyev Boris Danilovich, b. 14.06.1926

Anikeyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 30.09.1922

Anikeyev Mikhail Nikolayevich, b. 26.03.1923

Anikeyev Nikola Ivanovich, b. 02.12.1917

Anikeyev Nikola Stepanovich, b. 12.12.1925

Anikeyev Vasily Dorofeyevich, b. 10.09.1932

Anikeyev Viktor Gavrilovich, b. 12.11.1918

Anikin Aleksandr Yakovlevich, b. 14.07.1926

Anikin Danil Moiseyevich, b. 25.05.1918

Anikin Ivan Dmitrievich, b. 14.04.1924

Anikin Mikhail Andreyevich, b. 04.03.1926

Anikin Samuil Samuilovich, b. 25.04.1922

Anikina Nadezhda Fedorovna, b. 19.11.1922

Anikushin Ivan Konstantinovich, b. 01.07.1923

Anishchenko Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 15.12.1927

Anishchenko Petr Ivanovich, b. 14.06.1924

Anishkevich Vladimir Vasilyevich, b. 10.08.1909

Anisimov Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 21.11.1909

Anisimov Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 03.10.1924

Anisimov Alekse Nikiforovich, b. 10.05.1921

Anisimov Anatoly Yakovlevich, b. 21.08.1921

Anisimov Grigory Abramovich, b. 31.12.1922

Anisimov Ivan Markovich, b. 16.05.1925

Anisimov Leonid Fomich, b. 25.04.1925

Anisimov Leonid Zakharovich, b. 19.08.1921

Anisimov Vladimir Andreyevich, b. 29.09.1924

Anisimov Yevgeny Tikhonovich, b. 01.09.1926

Anisimova Aleksandra Ivanovna, b. 23.07.1924

Anisimova Anna Petrovna, b. 04.02.1924

Ankin Dmitry Ivanovich, b. 25.05.1925

Ankudinov Petr Pavlovich, b. 15.10.1918

Ankudinova Raisa Yakovlevna, b. 08.06.1923

Annenkov Vladimir Sergeyevich, b. 10.08.1924

Annenkova Nadezhda Kuzminichna, b. 27.09.1923

Anokhin Arkady Alekseyevich, b. 25.05.1924

Anokhin Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 28.04.1922

Anokhin Mikhail Nikiforovich, b. 23.03.1922

Anokhin Nikola Filippovich, b. 14.12.1925

Anokhin Nikola Petrovich, b. 13.05.1923

Anokhin Nikola Semenovich, b. 27.12.1925

Anokhin Nikola Sergeyevich, b. 10.07.1924

Anokhin Pavel Yakovlevich, b. 10.06.1927

Anokhin Stepan Petrovich, b. 28.12.1917

Anokhina Faina Gerasimovna, b. 29.11.1919

Anokhina Lyubov Petrovna, b. 10.09.1926

Anosov Petr Stepanovich, b. 20.07.1928

Anpilogov Aleksandr Vasilyevich, b. 17.07.1925

Anpilogova Lyubov Fedotovna, b. 05.07.1922

Antilikatorov Grigory Vasilyevich, b. 15.02.1924

Antimonova Olga Alekseyevna, b. 26.12.1920

Antipina Maria Pavlovna, b. 13.08.1923

Antipov Aleksandr Petrovich, b. 09.04.1925

Antipov Ivan Fedorovich, b. 29.11.1918

Antipov Ivan Ivanovich, b. 12.11.1908

Antipov Mikhail Vasilyevich, b. 21.09.1921

Antipova Maria Stepanovna, b. 24.03.1922

Antiptsev Georgy Ivanovich, b. 28.09.1916

Antokhin Ivan Afanasyevich, b. 02.07.1925

Antonenko Aleksandra Trofimovna, b. 09.01.1922

Antonenko Alimpiada Nazarovna, b. 23.07.1914

Antonenko Ivan Ivanovich, b. 05.12.1926

Antonenko Yevdokia Matveyevna, b. 15.08.1919

Antonevich Grigory Ignatyevich, b. 14.07.1925

Antonnikov Ivan Rodionovich, b. 19.04.1925

Antonov Aleksandr Afanasyevich, b. 20.08.1918

Antonov Anatoly Sergeyevich, b. 13.11.1917

Antonov Fedor Afanasyevich, b. 07.12.1911

Antonov Fedor Nikitovich, b. 15.05.1921

Antonov Gennady Maksimovich, b. 28.01.1926

Antonov Ivan Aleksandrovich, b. 21.04.1924

Antonov Ivan Nikolayevich, b. 02.02.1925

Antonov Ivan Vasilyevich, b. 22.03.1925

Antonov Konstantin Ivanovich, b. 19.01.1924

Antonov Kronid Matveyevich, b. 27.09.1926

Antonov Mikhail Mikhailovich, b. 15.05.1921

Antonov Mikhail Nikolayevich, b. 01.03.1926

Antonov Nikola Alekseyevich, b. 23.05.1926

Antonov Nikola Ivanovich, b. 21.12.1922

Antonov Petr Petrovich, b. 29.01.1923

Antonov Serge Ivanovich, b. 03.03.1921

Antonov Serge Ivanovich, b. 12.09.1909

Antonov Vasily Grigoryevich, b. 25.02.1925

Antonov Vasily Vasilyevich, b. 01.04.1925

Antonov Vasily Vasilyevich, b. 17.09.1925

Antonov Viktor Nikandrovich, b. 17.04.1913

Antonov Yevgeny Alekseyevich, b. 03.07.1925

Antonova Anna Andreyevna, b. 20.02.1922

Antonova Anna Antonovna, b. 10.03.1927

Antonova Klavdia Mikhalovna, b. 29.10.1922

Antonova Nina Ivanovna, b. 28.05.1921

Antonova Oktyabrina Kuzminichna, b. 15.10.1925

Antonova Sofya Ivanovna, b. 15.07.1922

Antonova Tamara Amvrosyevna, b. 03.08.1922

Antonova Tamara Mikhalovna, b. 01.05.1925

Antonova Valentina Nikiforovna, b. 05.07.1919

Antonova Yelena Andreyevna, b. 09.07.1924

Antonovich Taisia Georgievna, b. 17.11.1922

Antonovskaya Alevtina Mikhalovna, b. 03.04.1925

Antonyev Ivan Kuzmich, b. 09.10.1926

Antonyev Ivan Yemelyanovich, b. 05.03.1925

Antonyeva Anna Nesterovna, b. 08.05.1923

Antoshkin Grigory Ivanovich, b. 26.11.1911

Antrapovich Maria Ivanovna, b. 08.03.1922

Antropov Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 12.07.1927

Antropov Viktor Fedorovich, b. 23.06.1927

Antropova Galina Sergeyevna, b. 07.02.1926

Antsupova Zoya Ilyinichna, b. 26.09.1925

Antyasov Vitaly Fedorovich, b. 13.08.1926

Antyufeyev Anatoly Aleksandrovich, b. 06.08.1919

Antyufeyev Anatoly Vasilyevich, b. 20.07.1914

Antyufeyev Ivan Yefimovich, b. 26.11.1931

Antyufeyev Valentin Ivanovich, b. 16.07.1923

Antyukhov Nikola Mikhalovich, b. 18.08.1925

Anuchina Aleksandra Afanasyevna, b. 18.09.1922

Anufrienko Petr Ivanovich, b. 27.07.1927

Anufriev Alekse Petrovich, b. 15.03.1915

Anufriev Nikola Ivanovich, b. 14.12.1924

Anufrieva Lyubov Fedorovna, b. 07.05.1923

Anuprienko Aleksandr Semenovich, b. 16.03.1921

Apakin Nikola Nikolayevich, b. 22.05.1925

Apalenov Vasily Alekseyevich, b. 25.05.1926

Apanasenko Taisia Dmitrievna, b. 05.06.1923

Apanasenko Tatyana Stepanovna, b. 12.12.1925

Aparshin Mikhail Tikhonovich, b. 31.05.1923

Aparshin Vasily Fedorovich, b. 11.06.1926

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