Veterans Lists

Lists were prepared in the beginning of 2005.

Russian Federation Overseas

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Alphabetic List:


Andramonov Yevgeny Guryevich, b. 03.03.1925

Andrechenko Petr Ignatyevich, b. 28.03.1924

Andreyev Aleksandr Filippovich, b. 17.07.1925

Andreyev Alekse Andreyevich, b. 08.01.1927

Andreyev Alekse Andreyevich, b. 14.03.1925

Andreyev Alekse Andreyevich, b. 02.03.1921

Andreyev Alekse Kuzmich, b. 04.10.1915

Andreyev Anatoly Andreyevich, b. 02.07.1926

Andreyev Anatoly Andreyevich, b. 11.03.1926

Andreyev Anatoly Andreyevich, b. 06.05.1926

Andreyev Arkady Andreyevich, b. 22.01.1920

Andreyev Arkady Pavlovich, b. 03.07.1929

Andreyev Arkhip Andreyevich, b. 10.08.1923

Andreyev Boris Samsonovich, b. 27.11.1924

Andreyev Demyan Andreyevich, b. 23.10.1922

Andreyev Dmitry Aleksandrovich, b. 02.06.1927

Andreyev Fedor Aleksandrovich, b. 21.06.1924

Andreyev Filipp Andreyevich, b. 01.09.1919

Andreyev Filipp Grigoryevich, b. 25.11.1926

Andreyev Gennady Andreyevich, b. 09.01.1927

Andreyev Gennady Andreyevich, b. 23.08.1915

Andreyev Georgy Andreyevich, b. 02.10.1924

Andreyev Gury Andreyevich, b. 14.08.1916

Andreyev Ilya Andreyevich, b. 21.07.1926

Andreyev Ipaty Andreyevich, b. 07.06.1925

Andreyev Ivan Alekseyevich, b. 17.08.1926

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 20.10.1924

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 18.07.1923

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 17.01.1925

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 20.08.1925

Andreyev Ivan Andreyevich, b. 07.09.1918

Andreyev Mefody Andreyevich, b. 03.07.1924

Andreyev Mikhail Andreyevich, b. 21.11.1926

Andreyev Mikhail Mikhalovich, b. 17.12.1917

Andreyev Nikola Aleksandrovich, b. 21.05.1920

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 10.03.1922

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 20.05.1927

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 05.07.1924

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 10.12.1925

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 13.08.1926

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 26.12.1923

Andreyev Nikola Andreyevich, b. 05.08.1923

Andreyev Nikola Fedorovich, b. 07.12.1924

Andreyev Nikonor Andreyevich, b. 12.09.1926

Andreyev Petr Alekseyevich, b. 08.09.1922

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 05.03.1919

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 28.08.1926

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 30.05.1922

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 19.01.1919

Andreyev Petr Andreyevich, b. 01.09.1925

Andreyev Petr Timofeyevich, b. 14.02.1926

Andreyev Platon Andreyevich, b. 13.11.1912

Andreyev Semen Andreyevich, b. 12.09.1921

Andreyev Semen Andreyevich, b. 21.01.1918

Andreyev Serge Nikolayevich, b. 15.06.1921

Andreyev Serge Yefimovich, b. 01.05.1918

Andreyev Tikhon Andreyevich, b. 17.03.1926

Andreyev Vadim Polikarpovich, b. 28.11.1917

Andreyev Valerian Ivanovich, b. 27.05.1923

Andreyev Vanifaty Andreyevich, b. 13.09.1926

Andreyev Varsonofy Andreyevich, b. 15.11.1924

Andreyev Vasily Andreyevich, b. 20.08.1926

Andreyev Vasily Andreyevich, b. 15.12.1915

Andreyev Vasily Andreyevich, b. 05.12.1925

Andreyev Vasily Nikolayevich, b. 01.12.1919

Andreyev Vitaly Andreyevich, b. 21.11.1923

Andreyev Vladimir Andreyevich, b. 22.12.1923

Andreyev Vladimir Andreyevich, b. 29.09.1925

Andreyev Vlasy Andreyevich, b. 18.02.1927

Andreyev Yakov Andreyevich, b. 15.08.1922

Andreyev Yevgeny Andreyevich, b. 07.10.1926

Andreyev Yuri Grigoryevich, b. 23.09.1925

Andreyev Zinovy Grigoryevich, b. 16.10.1926

Andreyeva Aleksandra Filippovna, b. 25.04.1921

Andreyeva Anastasia Andreyevna, b. 15.11.1923

Andreyeva Anna Andreyevna, b. 28.12.1919

Andreyeva Daria Grigoryevna, b. 02.02.1922

Andreyeva Feodora Petrovna, b. 23.09.1923

Andreyeva Maria Arkadyevna, b. 24.08.1924

Andreyeva Maria Yefimovna, b. 06.02.1925

Andreyeva Maria Yegorovna, b. 04.01.1925

Andreyeva Nina Feoktistovna, b. 27.09.1924

Andreyeva Pelageya Andreyevna, b. 23.05.1920

Andreyeva Valentina Naumovna, b. 20.05.1924

Andreyeva Varvara Andreyevna, b. 10.11.1923

Andreyeva Zoya Mikhalovna, b. 13.11.1920

Andreyevsky Pavel Andreyevich, b. 28.02.1929

Andrianov Fedor Andrianovich, b. 05.05.1924

Andrianov Konstantin Nikiforovich, b. 14.04.1920

Andrianov Nikola Aleksandrovich, b. 26.12.1919

Andrianov Nikola Andrianovich, b. 23.02.1920

Andrianov Pantelemon Aleksandrovich, b. 25.07.1918

Andrianov Vasily Andrianovich, b. 21.12.1926

Andrianova Nadezhda Andrianovna, b. 25.02.1921

Andriyanov Alekse Andriyanovich, b. 22.03.1925

Andriyanov Kuzma Andriyanovich, b. 26.10.1923

Andriyanov Petr Alekseyevich, b. 11.07.1925

Andriyanova Taisia Petrovna, b. 14.10.1921

Andyusev Osip Andyusevich, b. 07.09.1924

Anetdinov Mibi-Raksha Akhmetgareyevich, b. 07.01.1925

Anetdinov Rafagat Minetullovich, b. 09.06.1925

Anfimov Mikhail Pavlovich, b. 30.10.1925

Anfimova Anastasia Mikhalovna, b. 17.10.1924

Anguseyev Nikola Kuzmich, b. 17.12.1924

Anikin Dimitry Vasilyevich, b. 04.11.1923

Anikin Nikola Nikolayevich, b. 17.05.1921

Anikin Petr Alekseyevich, b. 10.01.1920

Anikin Viktor Dmitrievich, b. 06.03.1920

Anikina Ksenia Valerianovna, b. 30.11.1923

Anisimov Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 10.03.1922

Anisimov Aleksandr Mikhalovich, b. 26.05.1925

Anisimov Feoktist Pavlovich, b. 20.10.1927

Anisimov Gennady Anisimovich, b. 17.01.1923

Anisimov Gennady Ilyich, b. 15.01.1925

Anisimov Leonid Sergeyevich, b. 08.04.1917

Anisimov Mikhail Anisimovich, b. 25.01.1920

Anisimov Nikola Vasilyevich, b. 05.12.1924

Anisimov Pavel Anisimovich, b. 28.12.1925

Anisimov Petr Anisimovich, b. 18.11.1918

Anisimov Serge Anisimovich, b. 15.04.1922

Anisimov Stepan Anisimovich, b. 29.06.1912

Anisimov Tikhon Anisimovich, b. 09.06.1912

Anisimov Vasily Semenovich, b. 20.07.1925

Anisimova Maria Anisimovna, b. 24.09.1922

Anisimova Maria Vasilyevna, b. 17.04.1922

Anisimova Nina Filippovna, b. 20.01.1923

Anisimova Tatyana Ivanovna, b. 12.01.1921

Annenkov Alekse Gavrilovich, b. 09.03.1922

Anokhin Mikhail Alekseyevich, b. 01.10.1916

Anokhin Vasily Ivanovich, b. 31.12.1924

Anoshina Yekaterina Aleksandrovna, b. 15.04.1918

Antipov Vasily Antipovich, b. 11.02.1920

Antipov Yakov Antipovich, b. 29.04.1917

Antonov Aleksandr Antonovich, b. 12.08.1926

Antonov Aleksandr Antonovich, b. 28.11.1929

Antonov Alekse Petrovich, b. 30.03.1924

Antonov Arkady Antonovich, b. 29.06.1922

Antonov Arkady Arkhipovich, b. 24.01.1926

Antonov Arkhip Antonovich, b. 14.02.1917

Antonov Filipp Antonovich, b. 27.11.1924

Antonov Gennady Antonovich, b. 03.10.1924

Antonov Georgy Antonovich, b. 08.01.1919

Antonov Illarion Antonovich, b. 18.10.1911

Antonov Illarion Antonovich, b. 29.10.1918

Antonov Illarion Antonovich, b. 25.10.1914

Antonov Ivan Grigoryevich, b. 24.10.1923

Antonov Kirill Antonovich, b. 05.04.1924

Antonov Mikhail Antonovich, b. 24.09.1923

Antonov Mikhail Antonovich, b. 19.09.1925

Antonov Mikhail Ivanovich, b. 02.12.1925

Antonov Nikola Antonovich, b. 05.05.1924

Antonov Nikola Antonovich, b. 09.12.1923

Antonov Nikola Zakharovich, b. 30.12.1922

Antonov Petr Antonovich, b. 21.05.1918

Antonov Semen Antonovich, b. 10.05.1924

Antonov Semen Pavlovich, b. 20.03.1926

Antonov Stepan Antonovich, b. 15.09.1921

Antonov Timofe Antonovich, b. 21.04.1926

Antonov Valentin Ivanovich, b. 07.02.1924

Antonov Vasily Antonovich, b. 17.06.1923

Antonova Anna Ignatyevna, b. 24.06.1923

Antonova Maria Aleksandrovna, b. 23.08.1923

Antonova Maria Ivanovna, b. 10.04.1921

Antonova Olga Antonovna, b. 08.05.1924

Antonovsky Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 19.08.1917

Antoshina Anna Ivanovna, b. 03.09.1921

Anurov Konstantin Ivanovich, b. 05.04.1918

Apolonov Ivan Semenovich, b. 25.12.1925

Apolosov Vladimir Petrovich, b. 24.06.1926

Aptrekin Georgy Kirillovich, b. 13.11.1926

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